Quick Start Guide for Managers 

Set up and register the TippyTalk apps

What you need

  • Internet access

  • TippyTalker iPad

  • Manager's device (phone or table)

  • Invitation EmailManager’s device 

Install the TippyTalker App on the iPad

  1. Open the App Store.

  2. Search for “TippyTalker” to find the TippyTalker app.

  3. Download the app by clicking the icon of the cloud with the arrow.

When finished, press the home button.  The TippyTalker app icon should appear on the home screen.

Set Up the TippyTalk Community App on Your Phone

The TippyTalk Community app installs on your phone (iOS or Android).  It allows you to create your TippyTalker’s account and manage the TippyTalker’s cards and community.

You should already have an email with links to install and register your account. 

The email will have the subject line “You have been invited to TippyTalk organization…

  1. Open the email on your phone.

  2. Follow the link to create your account.

  3. Click the Download now button to jump to the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

  4. Follow the steps to download and install.
  5. Once the app is installed, return to this screen and click “Open and Register”. 
     Note: If you don’t know how to get back to this screen you can click the link in the email again.
  6. Fill out the form by creating a password for your account. Click Continue.
  7. You should be ready to go with the welcome screen showing that there are no TippyTalkers available yet.

Add a TippyTalker

  1. Open the TippyTalk Community app on your phone

  2. Select the add a person icon

  3. Complete the details on the Create user screen


    1. Add the name of the TippyTalker

    2. Add a portrait/selfie of the TippyTalker

    3. Set a PIN (to access settings on the TippyTalker iPad)

    4. Choose a Male or Female voice to be used on the TippyTalker’s device for reading messages.

    5. Select Create

Log the TippyTalker into the app on the iPad.


You will need to have both apps installed. Tip: Place both devices side by side on a table and open the apps on each device.

  1. Open the TippyTalk Community app on your phone

  2. Tap on the portrait/selfie of the TippyTalker.

  3. Tap on the info icon to access Manager options.

  4. Select "QR code."

  5. You will now see the QR code.

  6. Open the TippyTalker app on the iPad.

  7. Click "scan QR."

  8. Allow camera access if prompted.

  9. Scan the QR code displayed on the screen of your Manager device.

  10. Allow notifications from “TippyTalker” if prompted.

  11. The TippyTalker home screen appears. The TippyTalker is now ready to send messages!

Customize TippyTalker using the TippyTalk Community app: overview

For details on customizing TippyTalker, see the related knowledge base document. Here is an overview.  

  1. Managing folders and cards

    1. There are a number of images (“cards”) organized into useful groups (“folders”).

    2. You can create new folders and add more item cards to existing folders. Also you can remove or rearrange folders.

  2. Managing community

    1. In your Community app you can invite new people to the Community.

    2. Most Community Members will only need to be able to communicate with the TippyTalker. However, you may also assign additional roles to Members. For example, you might give another parent or teacher the ability to customize TippyTalker by assigning them a Manager role.

Send a test message from the iPad

Note to TippyTalk managers: you’ll want to try this process once before instructing your TippyTalker.

  1. From the iPad, tap your photo to send yourself the test message.
  2. Tap any action.
  3. Tap any item.
  4. Press Send on the bottom right of the screen. Your message will convert to text and send. 

Reply to the test message from your phone

  1. From your smartphone, open TippyTalk Community.
  2. Tap the TippyTalker’s photo.
  3. Type a reply or send a photo, audio recording, or video.
  4. Press send. Your message will be sent to the TippyTalker's iPad where it can be viewed or read aloud to the TippyTalker.

See your first reply on the iPad

  1. From the iPad, open the TippyTalker app (if not already opened)
  2. Notice that your photo will have an indicator with the number of waiting messages.
  3. Tap your photo.
  4. The message will be viewed or read aloud.