Guide to the TippyTalker app

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Guide to the TippyTalker app


TippyTalk Managers, usually parents or family members


This document will give an overview of TippyTalk and guide TippyTalk Managers on how the nonverbal or speech-impaired TippyTalker will send and receive messages. 


What is TippyTalk?

TippyTalk is an easy-to-use AAC communication solution for non-verbal or speech impaired users. People who cannot speak or need help being understood will be able to communicate instantly with anyone, anywhere, anytime. 


These TippyTalkers will enjoy the freedom and pleasures of communication with an easy-to-use app on an iPad. TippyTalkers message invited members of their Community. This creates a private social network for the TippyTalker. The TippyTalk Manager will invite Community Members as well as customize the app experience for the TippyTalker.  


Some TippyTalk configurations set up by institutions such as schools and therapy centers will have an additional layer of organization. These configurations will include a Community Owner and Administrators. For details on this type of TippyTalk configuration, refer to the TippyTalk Knowledge Base. 


What is the TippyTalker app?

The TippyTalker app, installed on an iPad, helps a non-verbal or speech-impaired user compose and send messages by selecting images. The TippyTalker app is a clean, simple AAC solution that makes it easy for “Tippy Talkers” to communicate with others. 


TippyTalker can be used to communicate within a Community AND for face-to-face communication. By choosing to READ ALOUD a message, the  TippyTalker communicates with anyone in the room.

How the TippyTalker sends a message.

TippyTalkers send messages two ways.

  •  They may SEND a message to a Community Member to receive in their Community app.  

  • They may choose to compose a message to be READ ALOUD for those in the room to hear.

The process is the same for both types of messaging. 

To SEND a message (also see images below), the Tippy Talker: 

  • Opens the TippyTalker app on the iPad.

  • Selects the portrait/selfie of a person to be messaged.

  • Chooses a folder.

  • Picks an item card to complete the message.

  • Clicks the  SEND button.

To use the SPEAK optionthe Tippy Talker (also see images above): 

  • Opens the TippyTalker app on the iPad.

  • Selects SPEAK.

  • Chooses a folder.

  • Picks an item card to complete the message.

  • Clicks the speaker button.